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It is indeed my privilege to be associated with the “Team ILBS” which has made this dream come true. Every section of the Government of NCT of Delhi, the faculty, the staff, the administration and the infrastructural engineering group of the Team ILBS has contributed their very best in this endeavor. The highly competent faculty, resident staff and the operational team has made our patient care services, academics and research activities unparalleled.

It is our privilege that all these people have considered ILBS as a destination in their life. 

However, the Team ILBS is fully aware that it has a long way to go and several hurdles to cross. We want to assure everyone that the Team ILBS strives everyday towards betterment and is sincerely committed to the cause. With the blessings and good wishes of all of you, we do hope that the Team ILBS would be able to fulfill the aspirations of the patients, medical fraternity and the people of the country in near future.




I am happy to know that the ILBS alumni are planning to hold their first meet this week. I am sure that this milestone will further connect you to the ILBS community and provide an opportunity to reflect upon your time at ILBS with nostalgia. We hope that you will share your fondest memories with us and also participate in academic activities and other events of ILBS in future to continue the learning process you began here as an ILBS student and to expand your network of like-minded peers.

We expect you to play a large role in your surrounding because this wil lmake ILBS proud. We hope that you will connect virtually by sharing your stories and memories from others either through the official website of the ILBS alumni or via social media.

We look forward to active involvement in future events of ILBS and continued support towards its development and pursuit of academic excellence.

-Dr. Vijay Kumar

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